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The REALITY STREET SUPPORTER SCHEME 2015 has been announced.

You can become a Supporter at a cost of £35. In return, you will receive copies of all three books to be published by the press in 2015 and your name will be included in the list of Supporters at the back of each book. The books are....

Out of Everywhere 2
edited by Emily Critchley

Nearly 20 years after the publication of the poetry anthology Out of Everywhere, its sequel celebrates a new generation of innovative poetry by women.
350pp approx, expected retail price £13.50

Quite Frankly:
After Petrarch’s Sonnets
by Peter Hughes

Versions of all 317 of Petrarch’s sonnets, often departing from the originals in radical ways.
358pp, expected retail price £12.50

Alphabet of Love Serial
by Lou Rowan

All you need to know about relationships, from A-Z, in 20 stories, by the editor of Golden Handcuffs Review.
84pp, expected retail price £9

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Published in 2014...

Bill Griffiths:

In 2010 Reality Street published Collected Earlier Poems (1966-80) by Bill Griffiths, who died in 2007. Now comes a second volume, Collected Poems & Sequences (1981-91). Once again edited by Alan Halsey, it brings the story up to Bill's departure from London for the North East. The 426-page book was published in January 2014. For more information and to order it, click here

2014,  978-1-874400-65-3,  426pp, price £19 £15

Live events...

Friday 24 October 2014 - Andrea Brady reads at the Bokcafé in Turku, Finland

24-26 October 2014 - Peter Hughes, Richard Makin
and Jeff Hilson are among the poets featured in Tears in the Fence's 30th anniversary festival at the White Horse, Stourpaine, Dorset. Cost for the entire festival is £50. Full details here.

Saturday 25 October 2014 - Two Angles on Modernism with Allen Fisher and Anthony Mellors in the Glasfryn Seminars series at the Glasfryn Project, Powys, Wales, 11am-4.30pm, £12 (£8 concs)

Wednesday 29 October 2014 - Andrea Brady reads at the launch of Prac Crit, at Drink Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, 7.00pm, free

29 October-2 November 2014 - Third Black Huts Festival of writing/music/film - some poets we like, including Tom Leonard, Tom Pickard, Peter Manson and Helen MacDonald, are featured. All the information you need is in this pdf brochure.

Saturday 1 November 2014 - Andrea Brady reads with the novelist Lars Iyer at the Serpentine Gallery in London, 3.00pm

Thursday 6 November 2014 - Peter Hughes reads with Rod Mengham and Alex Houen at Heffers, Cambridge, 6.30pm

Saturday 13 December 2014 - Symposium on Andrea Brady (followed by a reading by Andrea) at the
Keynes Library, Birkbeck, University of London (43 Gordon Square), 9.15am-7pm, admission free but you need to register in advance by email - details here

This listing is for events featuring Reality Street authors. Please email details of suitable forthcoming events to the press.

Recent highlights and bestsellers

Philip Terry: 

The stories of the Norman Conquest you never heard. This tour de force of language was shortlisted for the 2013 Goldsmiths Prize for innovative fiction.

Ken Edwards:

Exile, war, paranoia, improvised music and nothingness - a series of linked dramatic monologues, dialogues and short fictions.

Allen Fisher: PLACE

The first complete edition of this legendary poetic project of the 1970s: five books, previously scattered in various unobtainable editions, now collected in one volume.  

Bill Griffiths:

The definitive collection of the late Bill Griffiths' work of the 1960s/70s.

Denise Riley:


The most complete collection of Denise Riley's poetry available, including "Mop Mop Georgette". First published in 2000 and still a poetry bestseller.


Linguistically innovative poetry by women - a classic, still in print and selling after a decade and a half. Edited by Maggie O'Sullivan.


Andrea Brady:

Acclaimed poetry collection from the director of the Archive of the Now and co-publisher of Barque Press.

Peter Hughes:

From Adge Cutler to Hector Berlioz, to the Caravan Club of Great Britain and Heine: five stunning poem sequences.  

Paul Griffiths:

An extraordinary novel composed entirely of the vocabulary Ophelia is allotted in Hamlet


With 84 contributors, this anthology explores the myriad ways poets have stretched, deconstructed and re-composed the sonnet.