Johan de Wit is a Dutch-born writer in English whose project is to create an absolute poetry of unalloyed language, acting as a rigorous detoxifier to the language centres of the brain. He is a truly avant-garde figure, a genuine explorer of language continents others don’t even know about. He has been published since the 1980s, with a large number of books and pamphlets to his name.

An interview with Johan de Wit

Johan de Wit: GERO NIMO

Sixty chapters, sixty characters, each getting five paragraphs.

“The names of the inhabitants of Johan de Wit’s wordscapes all split in two and their self-life is never guaranteed: they’re here on one page and gone the next, brief heroes baffled by the warps and swerves of the sentences which conjured them up while heading elsewhere," writes Alan Halsey. "There’s a wise absurdity in all de Wit’s work, or perhaps it’s an absurd wisdom: the sum of it is you never can tell.”

Download & read an extract from Gero Nimo (pdf)

2011, 978-1-874400-55-4, 186pp,  price £9.50 £7