Thanks for all your support

Between 1998 and 2016, more than 200 individuals helped Reality Street by being REALITY STREET SUPPORTERS. We thank them all – without this initiative, the press would have ceased to exist long ago.

We are grateful to these who supported the press between 1998-2015:

Alfred David Editions, Tim Allen, Bruce Andrews, David Annwn, Joanne Ashcroft, Goan Atom, Andrew Bailey, Alan Baker, Tony Baker, Peter Bamfield, Peter Barry, Tina Bass, Fred Beake, Chris Beckett, Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee, Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian, Karlien van den Beukel, Linda Black, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Philipp Blume, Andrew Brewerton, Jasper Brinton, Manuel Brito, Peter Brown, Paul Buck, Clive Bush, Richard Cacchione, Richard Caddel, Mark Callan, Duncan Campbell, John Cayley, Marc V de Chantilly, Cris Cheek, Theodoros Chiotis, Adrian Clarke, Lucy Clarke, Stephen Clews, Dane Cobain, Mary Coghill, Norma Cole, Clare Connors, Kelvin Corcoran, Claire Crowther, Tony Cullen, James Cummins, Ian Davidson, Rhodri Davies, Mark Dickinson, David Dowker, Laurie Duggan, Alan Dunnett, Derek Eales, Carrie Etter, Gareth Farmer, Clive Fencott, Michael Finnissy, Allen Fisher/ Spanner, Penny Florence, Hilary Fraser, Timothy Freeborn, Nancy Gaffield, Sarah Gall, Susan Gevirtz, John Gilmore, Harry Gilonis & Elizabeth James, Jim Goar & Sang-yeon Lee, Harry Godwin, John Goodby, Chris Goode, Giles Goodland, Paul Griffiths, Chris Gutkind, Charles Hadfield, Catherine Hales, John Hall, Alan Halsey, Robert Hampson, Dylan Harris, Randolph Healy, Colin Herd, David Herd, Tania Hershman, Jeff Hilson, Anya Hobbs, Peter Hodgkiss, Gad Hollander, Rob Holloway, Simon Howard, Fanny Howe, Anthony Howell, Peter Hughes, Piers Hugill, Romana Huk, Michael Hunt, Peter Jaeger, Keith Jebb, Mark Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Pierre Joris, Trevor Joyce, Linda Kemp, Robert Kiely, L Kiew, Dinah Kompanietza, Joshua Kotin, Sam Ladkin, Steve Lake, Sally Lancashire, Bill Lancaster, Peter Larkin, Dorothy Lehane, Richard Leigh, Tom Leonard, Jow Lindsay, Alan Loney, Tony Lopez, Chris Lord, Aodhan McCardle, Ian Mcewen, Laura McIntosh, Rob Mackenzie, Ian McMillan, Fabian MacPherson, Antony Mair, Richard Makin, Jules Mann, Michael Mann, Lisa Mansell, Peter Manson, Alison Mark, Brian Marley, JCC Mays, Deborah Meadows, Mark Mendoza, Peter Middleton, Drew Milne, Geraldine Monk, Stephen Mooney, Edwin Morgan, Camilla Nelson, Jeremy Noel-Tod, Alice Notley/Douglas Oliver, Richard Owens, Maggie O'Sullivan, Francoise Palleau, Michael Palmer, Richard Parker, Sean Pemberton, Bob Perelman, Marjorie Perloff, Gabrielle Perril, Dennis Phillips, Malcolm Phillips, Peter Philpott, Frances Presley, Richard Price, Gareth Prior, Sean Pryor, Tom Quale, Peter Quartermain, Tom Raworth, Sarah Riggs, Luke Roberts, Ian Robinson, Josh Robinson, Lou Rowan, Will Rowe, Anthony Rudolf, James Russell, Susan Schultz, Barry Schwabsky, Maurice Scully, Gavin Selerie, Aidan Semmens, Robert Sheppard, John Shreffler, Iain Sinclair, Jason Skeet, Peterjon & Yasmin Skelt, Zoë Skoulding, Linus Slug, Julius Smit, Hazel Smith, Pete Smith & Lyn Richards, Valerie & Geoffrey Soar, Jonathan Spratley, Harriet Tarlo, Andrew Taylor, Barry Tebb/Sixties Press, Alan Teder, Michael Tencer, Philip Terry, Nathan Thompson, Scott Thurston, David Tilley, Elizabeth Tilley, Andrew Toovey, Tony Trehy, Keith Tuma, Lawrence Upton, Paul Vangelisti, Robert Vas Dias, Juha Virtanen, Catherine Wagner, Stephen Want, Sam Ward, Carol Watts, John Welch/Many Press, Marjorie Welish, Mike Weller, Susan Wheeler, John Wilkinson, Stephen Willey, Johan de Wit, Tim Woods, Barbara Woof, The Word Hoard, plus anonymous supporters 

Between 1998-2006 we operated a three-year support programme. From 2007 to 2016, the Supporter scheme was an annual one.

The Supporter scheme was absolutely vital to the success of the press, which currently receives no subsidy from other sources. Supporters received all the books published in the relevant year and their name was also listed here and on relevant publicity material.

Donations are gratefully accepted! Although the Supporter scheme has come to an end, you can still make a donation to the Reality Street project by clicking the "Donate" button, below. 

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact us first.

Those who supported us in 2016

Nigel Alderman
Joanne Ashcroft
Alan Baker
Tony Baker
Peter Bamfield
Tina Bass
Fred Beake
Chris Beckett
Charles Bernstein
C D Blanton
John Bloomberg-Rissman
Jasper Brinton
Manuel Brito
Peter Brown
Clive Bush
Duncan Campbell
Matthew Carbery
John Cayley
Cris Cheek
Stephen Clews
Simon Collings
Clare Connors
Ian Davidson
David Dowker
Laurie Duggan
Rachel DuPlessis
Carrie Etter
Clive Fencott
Allen Fisher
Jim Goar & Sang-yeon Lee
Paul Griffiths
Chris Gutkind
Catherine Hales
John Hall
Jeff Hilson
Peter Hodgkiss
Rob Holloway
Peter Hughes
Michael Hunt
Keith Jebb
Nicholas Johnson
Pierre Joris
Linda Kemp
Lisa Kiew
Joshua Kotin
Steve Lake
Tom Leonard
Chris Lord
Michael Mann
JCC Mays
James McDonald
Ian Mcewen
Maggie O'Sullivan
Richard Parker
Gareth Prior
Tom Quale
Josh Robinson
Samuel Rogers
Lou Rowan
Robert Sheppard
Iain Sinclair
Jason Skeet
Yasmin & Peterjon Skelt
Valerie Soar
Harrison Sullivan
Andrew Taylor
Michael Tencer
Philip Terry
Scott Thurston
Keith Tuma
Lawrence Upton
Stephen Want
Sam Ward
Carol Watts
Michael Whitworth
John Wilkinson
Tyrone Williams
Lissa Wolsak

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