Sarah Riggs

Sarah Riggs is a poet, translator and visual artist born in New York in 1971. She has lived in Paris since 2001. Her other volumes of poetry include Waterwork (Chax Press, USA), and 28 télégrammes and 60 textos (éditions de l'Attente, tr. Françoise Valéry, France). She is also the author of Word Sightings: Poetry and Visual Media in Stevens, Bishop and O'Hara (2002). A member of Double Change, and director of Tamaas, she has taught at Columbia University in Paris, and with Omar Berrada has translated Marie Borel's Wolftrot (2006).

chain of minuscule decisions in the form of a feeling

A beautiful permutational poem sequence by a US poet based in Paris. A basic text is transformed in various ways to make manifest all its various meanings and resonances. This is Sarah Riggs’ first UK publication.

“At one point along the chain, the book asks itself, ‘Was it a way of leafing out, retracting, spilling out, over, in excess of meaning?’ Indeed, we witness all of these actions as we are drawn into the echoes, linkages, ellipses and folds of this vitally imaginative sequence.The compositional moves are purely contemporary, but the dance is an ancient one, of identity and difference, revelation and concealment.” Michael Palmer

“When Sarah Riggs says the preposition is the soul I believe her entirely and I’m glad about it. She has a fierce way of renovating my desire to differentiate.” Lisa Robertson

2007, 978-1-874400-37-0, 60pp, O/P