Paul Brown

Paul Brown was born in South London when a lot of it was still a bombsite. He ran Transgravity Press in the 1960s and early 70s, followed later by Actual Size Press.

He took part in three of the Fluxshoe venues (Oxford, Blackburn, and Croydon) in 1972/3, and edited the short-lived periodical Other Times, with Andy Brown and Mr E, both now sorely missed. During the 1980s he taught the poetry course at Goldsmiths' College. Since 1995 he has been living and working in Brighton, where he runs the Studio Bookshop.



A Cabin in the Mountains is the third and much delayed major collection of Paul Brown's poetry, following Meetings and Pursuits (Skyline, 1978), and Masker (Galloping Dog, 1982).

It comprises six poem sequences: Obscure Scandals, De Rebus, The Games That Are, Hearts & Tongues, Nude Descending, Razor's Edge.

Review by Peter Riley

2012, 978-1-874400-56-1108pp,  price £9 £6