Andrea Brady

Andrea Brady was born in Philadelphia in 1974, and has lived in the UK since 1996. She studied at Columbia and Cambridge University, and now teaches at Queen Mary University of London. She is the director of the Archive of the Now and co-publisher of Barque Press. 

Her other books include: Vacation of a Lifetime (2001), Embrace (2005), Wildfire (2006; 2010), Mutability: Scripts for Infancy (2012) and Dompteuse (2013).


This is Andrea Brady's fifth book of poems, and her first for Reality Street. 

"The logic of Brady’s position is hard to gainsay, even if sometimes one might wish her to be less rigorous. Here is a writer with all the talents, one of the most impressive lyric poets writing now in English. If her poems can be dispiriting in their cumulative effect, this is because Brady is that rarest thing, a truthful poet.... It is right to be deeply thankful for Embrace, for it is absolutely clear-eyed, a precise register of the present situation. Other poets may prattle of the spirit, rage obscenely, tend their gardens or seek tenure, but Brady’s poems are true." JOHN WILKINSON, CHICAGO REVIEW

"Export Zone", a poem from this collection, was Highly Commended in the 2014 Forward Prizes for Poetry. Download a pdf of the poem here.

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2013, 978-1-874400-63-9, 134pp, price (was £9.50) £8