Wendy Mulford and Peter Jaeger

Posted by Ken Edwards on Sunday, May 10, 2009 Under: Reality Street
This Tuesday (12 May) I am travelling to London to host the launch reading at the Calder Bookshop of the latest Reality Street books - by Wendy Mulford and Peter Jaeger. Everyone is welcome - see the Reality Street home page for details.

I am pleased that we are doing a book by Wendy. Although she is no longer involved with Reality Street, she is a co-founder of it - part of its heritage is Street Editions, which published Prynne, Raworth, John James, Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Denise Riley and others. Yet she has never had a Reality Street book of her own (though my Reality Studios did publish her small and perfectly formed sequence The Bay of Naples back in 1992). This will be her first collection since her Selected Poems were published by Etruscan Books in 2002.

Peter Jaeger's book is a dream narrative. I am a sucker for dream narratives. Actually, it's two parallel dream narratives. One meticulously collages dream accounts from various sources (itself rather a dreamlike process), the other functions as a kind of meta-text, derived from sentences that include the word or part-word "dream". It's weird and wonderful.

If you are within reach, please come along: listen to the poets read, ask them questions, have a glass of wine on us, all the usual launch stuff. Maybe even buy the books! Talk to me too, if you like, though I might be preoccupied.

If you are a Reality Street Supporter, you may already have received your copies of these two books. If you're a Supporter outside of the UK you won't have, as I have yet to send out the overseas copies – expect your copy in the next week or so.

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