The Sea (4)

Posted by Ken Edwards on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Under: writing

Pale grey-green, almost no waves, tide out. An aircraft disintegrated over mid-Atlantic, very peacefully. Zombies very nice peoples. No, they are vampires. They are Dover sole and plaice, and other flat fish such as dabs, flounders, lemon soles, also brills, turbots, cod and the various types of dogfish, large shoals of mackerel, herring, sprats, lobsters, shrimps and whelks. I love crashing flounders, please. Then your own thoughts start to cluster in. Build your own groyne right here and pump out the sewage, guys, or this will all turn into a mortuary. Back wall of Butler’s Gap was the old sea defence. Funky Fish will eat people. Save our salt, please. Heavy metal. Slimy things. They’re still looking for the black box.

(from Bardo. More from Bardo here)

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