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Posted by Ken Edwards on Monday, May 18, 2009 Under: music

Goodness, that was really something. The Moors had an enjoyable debut at the Hastings Motor Boat & Yacht Club last Saturday (16 May). At least, we enjoyed it and we believe the audience did so too.

What started ten months or so ago as Elaine and I jamming with a few friends on some klezmer and Balkan tunes has turned into a real, live band with a distinctive style. I'm really proud of what Andy (drums), Richard (guitar), Jenny (fiddle), Elaine (sax/flute/fife) and I (bass guitar/vocals) have achieved.

I reckon we had around 100 people in the audience throughout the evening, including a bunch of alluring belly dancers (see below). Some of us were a bit nervous at the beginning of our first set - I certainly was about my singing - but by the second set we were flying.

My favourite 20 minutes was the bit that started with some atmospheric free-improv, flowed into the North African/Sephardic 9/8 rhythms of "Si Verías", with solos from everybody, and then into the raucousness of "The Hot Bulgar". We cranked up the tempo wildly to finish with a couple of klezmer numbers and then had to do two encores!

Our plans are now (a) do studio recordings of four or five numbers for a demo CD (and for downloading); (b) work with Rattlebag, a Hastings-based female a capella group, towards a joint concert; (c) secure some more local gigs in Hastings Old Town and surroundings.

More pics n info at the website:

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