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Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, June 10, 2016 Under: Reality Street
Phew! Allen Fisher's Gravity as a consequence of shape has at last gone to press - all 596 pages of it.

We're expecting the proof copy next week, and shortly thereafter will be sending out copies to the nearly 80 people who pre-ordered it as Supporter subscribers. The book, which collects together all the poems from the Gravity project (1982-2005) together for the first time, will also be on general sale from the end of June 2016.

Bill Griffiths' Collected Poems Volume 3, which weighs in at a slightly less hefty 524 pages, is aready on general sale. This collects all the poetry from five very productive years in Bill's life (1992-96).

There's now a special deal: all three of the Bill Griffiths volumes (1,300 pages!) for £30 + p&p.

And also: Allen Fisher's Place and Gravity... volumes (that's over 1,000 pages) for £25 + p&p.

See the relevant pages of the Reality Street website for details.

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