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Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, October 17, 2014 Under: Reality Street
Really gratifying results from the first promotion of Reality Street's 2015 Supporter programme.

Within a month of announcing it, we already have nearly 60 Supporters for our package of three books. A lot of old friends rejoining: some who have been with us since the beginning (16 years ago - the press itself has been around for 21 years, though we forgot to celebrate our coming of age); but quite a few welcome newcomers too.

Typesetting and design of Peter Hughes' Quite Frankly and Lou Rowan's Alphabet of Love Serial is now done. Next week I shall embark on the gigantic task of typesetting Emily Critchley's multifarious anthology Out of Everywhere 2, which is a wonderful homage to the original 1996 book edited by Maggie O'Sullivan as well as a triumph in its own right.

The aim is to get the first two books to press before Xmas so that they can start to be sent out to Supporter subscribers and reviewers early in the new year. The anthology should follow shortly after, including the CD that will be available free to Supporters at first and thereafter only on sale from the Reality Street website.

There will be launches. I don't yet know where or when.

There's still plenty of time to subscribe: to become a Reality Street Supporter for the first time, or to rejoin the fold. But obviously if you want your name on the books before they go to press it would be advisable to join up soon.

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