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Posted by Ken Edwards on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Under: Reality Street
Just thought I'd post that the annual Reality Street sale is on. A chance to catch up on the RS backlist at bargain prices - check it out. 

The summer sale always provides a little boost to the press's finances, not to mention welcome movement of authors' works from dusty shelves (or in the case of POD books, not so dusty megabytes) into readers' hands. 

As anyone who's ever worked in publishing at any level - from "major" publishers to the smallest of non-commercial presses - knows, the vast majority of books' sales happen in the first weeks following publication. Thereafter, with the exception of the perennial top sellers, they tend to be overlooked. So anything we can do to counter that is worth doing.

This year, I'm thinking of not putting an end point to the sale - in other words, it will continue for an indefinite period or (in the case of non-POD books) until stocks run out. So come and buy!

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