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Read at the Runnymede Festival, Royal Holloway University of London, yesterday afternoon. First, we were delayed by a faulty train from Hastings, then by rugby fans, half of them kilted, travelling to Twickenham, then it was hard to find the venue, with the consequence that I missed Robert Sheppard and Ulli Freer while we were wandering around the campus. Met Ulli very briefly just before I finally found the "Management Auditorium"; he was muttering about having to "get to South London" and dashed off. Caught Kristen Kreider and John Sparrow: nice visuals, but never work with animals, children or computers - the latter always go wrong. Jeff Hilson read from his new booklet Bird bird from Landfill Press - get it!* Robert Sheppard also has a new book out, Warrant Error (read the title out loud). I read two sections from Bardo entitled "red" and "green", which will be published shortly by Oystercatcher Press. The Management Auditorium (it's not actually called that, which was part of the problem) was a good space with a vibrant acoustic - a great pity the audience was so small. Most of it met up again at the Happy Man. Then back on the train to rejoin the returning rugby stragglers and home by ten to midnight. Found Spurs had beaten Chelsea, so my happiness was complete.

* It has been brought to my attention that the Landfill Press site doesn't yet list this publication, and the address displayed may be out of date, and the press may be amalgamating with another press. Contact me for updates. But I shall definitely be packing my copy in my rucksack for field trips...

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