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Posted by Ken Edwards on Sunday, March 8, 2009 Under: Reality Street
Supporters and regular readers may like to know that The Land Between by Wendy Mulford and Rapid Eye Movement by Peter Jaeger, both featured on our home page, are now in press. I hope copies will be available within the next few weeks, in good time for the official launch on 12 May.

I am very pleased with them, and I shall have more to say about them both before they are published.

Meanwhile, Richard Makin's forthcoming book, provisionally titled St Leonards, now has the new title Dwelling. Richard is happy to describe it as an "avant garde novel".

And it look like we won't after all be republishing Fanny Howe's In the Middle of Nowhere, as it now appears that novel is in fact still in print. Instead, we hope to bring you an entirely new book by Fanny.

Both of these are provisionally scheduled for 2010.

For updates on these and other forthcoming books, please keep tabs on our "Future plans" page.

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