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Posted by Ken Edwards on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Under: Reality Street
First day of the month I announced a big clearout on the Reality Street website. The idea was (a) clear some bookshelf space here; (b) get people reading some of the excellent books the press has published over the years rather than have them gather dust; (c) generate some cash for the press in the doldrums of summer; (d) draw attention to our rather nice website.

 Two days later I was absolutely overwhelmed by orders. I just sent out a whole bunch of packets this afternoon and more will follow tomorrow. If you've ordered books from the sale, please be patient: it may take a few days for them to get to you, particularly if you're across the Atlantic.

One consequence is that we're running out of stock of some books far, far more quickly than I would have imagined (the sale is due to last until the end of August). Already stocks of Out of Everywhere have been depleted, so this has now had to be pulled from the sale. In response to some anxious queries: no, this highly successful anthology is not going out of print, it's just the sale stocks we hold that we're out of, and you can still buy it at full price at or indeed from Reality Street when we get some more in.

If you want a sale copy of Denise Riley's Selected Poems, that's beginning to run low and won't be available in the sale for much longer, though again, it's not going out of print.

One book that will be out of print when sale stocks run out is Tony Lopez's Data Shadow, a great little book, but now included in its entirety in Tony's False Memory.

OK, back to packing...

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