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Posted by Ken Edwards on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 Under: Reality Street
Reality Street's publication programme for 2012 has been announced. The books are:

Paul Brown: A Cabin in the Mountains - a long overdue collection of the 1980s poetry of one of the significant players in the British Poetry Revival
David Miller (ed.): The Alchemist's Mind - anthology of prose narrative writing by British & North American poets
Maggie O'Sullivan: Waterfalls - paperback reprint of a beautiful work previously only available in a very limited edition
Sean Pemberton: White - experimental novel portraying a few days in high summer in a city

(Slightly) more detail is available here. There will be more firming up over the next few days and weeks.

As always, Reality Street is dependent on its Supporter Subscription scheme to keep going. By joining the scheme you can have copies of the above sent to you when they are published - and have your name inscribed in the back of each (unless you opt for anonymity).

If you have previously been a Reality Street Supporter - we need you back!

If you never have, why not try it now, and support one of the most innovative presses around? 

Nearly 50 existing Supporters have already re-subscribed for 2012. 

It costs £40 for the year if you are based in the UK or mainland Europe or £50 (approx $77) if you live elsewhere in the world. Just click here to pay online. Or send a sterling cheque made out to Reality Street at this address.


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