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Posted by Ken Edwards on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Under: writing
Issue 2 of VLAK: Contemporary Poetics & the Arts (May, 2011) is now available online.

VLAK is published by the enterprising Litteraria Pragensia and this issue is edited by Louis Armand, Edmund Berrigan, Carol Watts, Stephan Delbos, David Vichnar, Jane Lewty & Ali Alizadeh. The original print edition was a handsomely designed square block of a book. The online version is complete and free to read.

I have a vested interest in that my dialogue "Nothing Doing" (from the work in progress Down With Beauty - more about this soon) is included. Along with work by David Hayman, Vincent Katz, Philippe Sollers, Niall Lucy, Alice Notley, Emmanuelle Pireyre, Jeroen Nieuwland, Holly Tavel, John Kinsella, Urs Jaeggi, Adam Trachtman, Leila Sebbar, Dorra Chammam, Ali Daghman, Mehdi Mahfoudh and ... well, loads and loads of others (I could perhaps add Reality Street authors Redell Olsen, Johan de Wit and Robert Sheppard).

Really worth checking out if you missed out on the print edition.

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