New decade, new Bill

Posted by Ken Edwards on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Under: Reality Street
Santa Claus arrived early this week in the guise of the courier from Reality Street's printers, delivering eleven large packets containing brand new copies of Bill Griffiths' Collected Earlier Poems. It looks good, and it really is the first occasion on which Bill's poems (up to 1980) have been properly put into their historical context.

So I shall spend some time during and possibly after the holidays re-packing them to send out to all you kind people who have subscribed to it or have become or remain Reality Street Supporters. The official publication date is 29 January, and the official launch is on 17 February at Birkbeck College.

Meanwhile, let me wish some fun on you over the Christmas period, and may 2010 be at least better than average and at best better than that.

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