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Paul Brown's A Cabin in the Mountains and Maggie O'Sullivan's Waterfalls are due to be published on 1 May - but as the books already seem to be available on Amazon and elsewhere (nobody seems to care about publication embargos any more) I might as well put them up on sale on the RS website. So they are.

Reality Street Supporters will be receiving their copies in the next few days - well, some will already have them, and the rest should arrive by the end of next week.

It's a cliché to say a book has been a long time coming, but in the case of Paul's book this is inescapably true. It's about 20 years late. Paul was prominent in the London poetry scene during the 1970s/80s as a poet, publisher (Transgravity Press, Actual Size, publishing Tom Raworth among many others), poetry translator (from Dutch/Flemish) and reading series organiser (I joined him on several ventures). He also taught a poetry class at Goldsmith's College. A Cabin in the Mountains is the missing third of a trilogy of books, the first two being published in 1978 and 1982. I had the manuscript for a long time. Paul left the poetry scene and has been a bookseller in Brighton since 1995.

Well, here it is at last. If you know Paul Brown's work from back in the day you will want this book to complete your collection. If you don't know it, please do check it out. Unjustly neglected. There's another true cliché.

Maggie O'Sullivan probably needs no introduction to Reality Street aficionados, as this will be her third collection for the press, adding to her editing of our landmark anthology Out of Everywhere. Though actually, again, it's not a new work. Dating from the 1990s, Waterfalls was originally published as a very limited edition by Etruscan Books three years ago and sold out quickly. The RS edition lacks the colour graphics, though they reproduce very nicely in greyscale, but in other respects the texts are identical. 

(If you are a Reality Street Supporter and already have the original edition, and would prefer a substitute from the back catalogue, please let me know.)

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