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Posted by Ken Edwards on Monday, July 27, 2009 Under: music
This week I take delivery of a limited run of a seven-track CD which the Moors - the band I co-founded with Elaine - will use to promote themselves. The CD will be launched at our forthcoming gig as part of the free Hastings Beach Concerts, where it will be on sale at £5,  £1 of which goes to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The concerts, attracting thousands of people, are an annual event, marking the beginning of Hastings Old Town Week, and benefiting the RNLI locally.

We're on at 4.30pm on Sunday 2 August, just after Local Heroes and just before the day's headliners, Soul Xpress.

Although I'm a veteran book producer, I've never been centrally involved in recording and producing a CD before, and I found the experience of recording quite enthralling. It was all done "live in the studio" with very minimal overdubbing, thus preserving our live sound as far as possible. We managed to nail acceptable performances within less than three takes per number, thus being able to get seven numbers down in the space of a day, and it was mixed and mastered that evening. A fantastic performance from the five of us, if I may say so, and great credit to the two lads in the kitchen-table control room. And it was my birthday too.

As well as being available at our gigs, the CD is on sale online at the Moors' website.

You can also hear six of the tracks free on your computer here - although a few people have complained of technical problems streaming/downloading. If you have any difficulties, please let me know. I'm investigating alternative ways of putting our music online.

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