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Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, November 6, 2009 Under: visual art
A wonderful online archive has been opened up at Maggie O'Sullivan's website: high quality images of 165 paintings, mixed media sculptures and works on paper by the late Antony Cook, dated between 1970-2003. The works are abstract almost from the start, many at first glance minimalist in content but revealing on closer inspection an extraordinary richness of texture and movement. You can click on each of the 165 thumbnails to be delivered a higher resolution version of the same work.

untitled (undated) by Antony Cook

Tony was Maggie O'Sullivan's life partner until his tragic death in 2005, and Maggie herself has a selection of her own early artworks (1972-1995) on show here.

In the House of the Shaman #2 (1987) by Maggie O'Sullivan

The esteemed poet Peter Manson is the person responsible for putting together this archive (indeed, the technical brain behind Maggie's site), so I guess big thanks to him. My great frustration is that the works look so luscious on my screen I dearly wish I could be there in person to devour them. The unacknowledged truth these days is that virtual reality is always a poor substitute for reality.

Which reminds me: you can experience Reality Street in reality next week if you're in the London area, as my press will once again be participating in the annual Small Publishers Fair at the Conway Hall. This may be the topic of my next post, or it may not.

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