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Posted by Ken Edwards on Thursday, August 23, 2012 Under: Reality Street
The REALITY STREET summer sale enters its final week. You have until 31 August to buy selected titles from the backlist at sometimes massive savings. 

Biggest sellers in the first few weeks of the sale have been Denise Riley's Selected Poems and The Reality Street Book of Sonnets, followed by Bill Griffiths' Collected Earlier Poems. But there's a lot else too. Have a look. Reality Street continues to survive on its perennial shoestring, and the sale is making a significant contribution to its coffers in the slack summer months. So no apologies for the commercial break!

The sale is online only. There will be an opportunity to actually handle and fondle Reality Street books prior to purchase (no sticky fingers please) next month when we attend Free Verse, the poetry book fair in London on 8 September. The sale will be over then, but there will be other special offers.

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