Golden Handcuffs #16

Posted by Ken Edwards on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Under: writing

The sixteenth issue of the enterprising Golden Handcuffs Review is now out. A thing I like about the magazine is that, highly unusually for US literary journals, it features British and Irish writers as a matter of course. No "special British issue", no tokenism. In this issue are David Miller (the intro from The Alchemist's Mind), Maurice Scully, Brian Marley, Paul Griffiths and, er, me. Also Peter Quartermain, who is a Brit living in Vancouver. And in addition: Robert Kelly, Hank Lazer, David Antin, Stacey Levine, Louis Armand (who is Australian, from Prague). Lots of other interesting new writing. A welcome feature is responses to as well as primary writing by poets and writers: in this issue, Amanda Berenguer. The cover is by John Baldessari. It always feels like an intelligent conversation. 

Golden Handcuffs needs your support, so while you're on its website, why not subscribe? If you want to sample an issue and live in the UK, I think Alan Halsey imports it.

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