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Posted by Ken Edwards on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Under: Reality Street
In a rush this morning, as I have to travel back to London to catch up with old work colleagues (and in the process watch with trepidation England's last group match in the World Cup) - so just a brief message to report that Fanny Howe's Emergence from Reality Street was safely launched yesterday at a reading for the Blue Bus at The Lamb. London. Here's a rather poor photo snapped with my mobile phone:

Also reading was Tom Raworth, who prefaced his performance by reading a short selection from Jim Goar's Seoul Bus Poems, also being launched by Reality Street yesterday evening. Both poets opted to read short sets, and, wonderful as they were, it may have been a blessing in that the room was far too small for the number of people who turned up. As it was a very warm evening, the conditions were less than ideal. It was a relief to spill out and talk afterwards.

We sold a fair number of Fanny's and Jim's books.

I made an attempt to record both readings, and I will try to edit the recordings and post sound files up on the Reality Street website when I get a moment over the next couple of days.

PS Better photos and a brief report by Laurie Duggan here.

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