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Cheque in the post (a rare thing these days) and a note ordering a copy of Peter Hughes' Quite Frankly. But the cheque is for £12.50, the purchase price of the book only, with no provision for p&p (which should have been £3.50). I pack the book off, with a friendly (I hope) scribbled note on the receipt saying "I'll let you off the p&p this time." A few days later the person, who is known to me by name, sends me a copy of their own poetry pamphlet, a small envelope tucked inside it containing four first-class stamps (total £2.53) and an apologetic note saying that not being online ("dinosaur-like") they hadn't realised p&p was required and hoped this was sufficient recompense. But they had not put enough postage on their own packet, and the way I received this was by traipsing up to the Post Office sorting office and paying £1.11 over the counter. Aw, bless. It's a good thing I'm not trying to make a living out of this lark.

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