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Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, March 30, 2012 Under: writing
When I started the Reality Street Narrative Series, I devised some copy for the page of this website devoted to it - which you can find here - trying to give it some context. This included my necessarily highly selective listing of writers of out-there fiction whose influence I perceived to be crucial.

Well, selective or not, it was an unforgivable lapse on my part to forget to include Christine Brooke-Rose, who has recently died. Gifted writers outside the mainstream in Britain face enough marginalisation without the likes of myself, inadvertently or not, adding to the general level of ignorance.

I have now belatedly remedied that lapse on the Narrative Series page, but it shouldn't have taken the sad death of this author - whose novel Between omitted the verb "to be" a year before the Oulipian Perec's famous e-less La Disparition, as the Guardian obit reminds us - to jog my memory.

The excellent Carcanet Press have several of Brooke-Rose's books in print - Between is included in The Brooke-Rose Omnibus. I must catch up with all the ones I've missed.

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