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Posted by Ken Edwards on Thursday, May 12, 2011 Under: Reality Street
Excellent launch in London last night for James Davies' Plants and Carol Watts' Occasionals. There were maybe 30+ in the upper room of The Apple Tree, which I now am told is not after all the pub formerly called the Penny Black - that's another one in the vicinity, but both are/were traditional locals for posties at the now-doomed Mount Pleasant Sorting Office, and both are now converted into shiny gastro-bistro-winebaristico thingies. Though, having said that, I remember the pub we were in from Bob Cobbing days and the thing that's remained exactly the same, for all the massive change in decor, is it's extremely stuffy when there's a roomful of people and the windows are closed. And most of the windows are sealed shut. This problem seems to plague all the London upper-room poetry venues I've ever encountered (and in the case of the Poetry Cafe in Betterton St, lower-room venues).

Enough, I'm rambling. Many thanks to Jeff Hilson for organising. Thanks to everyone who came, and bought books. And most of all, thanks to the two poets reading. As Carol said, for all the poetry wars, on- and off-line, the London post-avant scene has always been relatively warm, open and supportive. Despite not feeling well, Carol gave a spirited reading of Occasionals, with nods to John Clare, and James, with appropriate digital audio-visual assistance (and two virtual assistants), gave a comic tour-de-force.

I have some video which I may post to YouTube anon.

And I did get back to Hastings, by the skin of my teeth.

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