Etruscan Books' Black Huts film & poetry festival takes place in Hastings this weekend. Clicking on the above image should take you straight to a pdf of the complete brochure. I'm on at the Electric Palace cinema (just a couple of minutes' walk from Reality Street Corporate Headquarters) on Sunday afternoon at 3pm. I shall probably be reading from Bardo. I won't enumerate the other goodies; you can see for yourself. Just to mention that the striking image on the poster is by distinguished painter, sculptor and film-maker Roland Jarvis, also a Hastings Old Town resident. And if you come to Hastings for the day or weekend, there's a Gillian Ayres exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery too.

Why Black Huts? If you're familiar with Hastings you'll know. If not, you'll find out when you hit the Old Town. They're more usually called the Net Shops.