Those who have followed the progress of my "Bardo" project (the sixth of its seven sequences was serialised on this blog the summer before last) may be interested to know that it is now out as a book from Knives Forks & Spoons Press in a handsome edition with seven colour plates. 

You can order it from their website for £8. (Also I think it's available as part of a three-for-£10 deal.)

Essentially the book is an irreverent/serious rewrite of the devotional work known in the West as the Tibetan Book of the Dead (the Bardo Thodol). It's intended to be read to dead people over a period of seven days to encourage them to resist the temptation to reincarnate. The gods and demons of the original (which specifies clearly that they are products of the mind, not "real", and therefore to be rejected) have been translated into contemporary equivalents. The setting is the old town and fishing port of Hastings. The original timeframe and colour scheme have been retained.

My thanks to Alec Newman at Knives Forks & Spoons Press for taking this on and for getting it out so blindingly fast and in such a neat edition.